Favorite Christmas Songs for Your Holiday Playlist

Is there anything that gets you in the mood for Christmas more than music? The first time you hear a Christmas song at the start of the holiday season your heart begins to grow like Dr. Seuss' Grinch. Before you know it you’re singing that song out loud.

The Christmas song tradition has been with us for many centuries. The first Christmas carol was written in the 4th century in Europe, it was a hymn about Jesus Christ. This hymn, “Jesus, Light of All Nations,” was written by a Roman Christian poet. Some of the oldest Christmas songs are still sung today. “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” dates back to mid 16th century England.“Good King Wenceslas” written in England in 1853 is based on a 13th century carol from Finland. The hymn “O Come All Ye Faithful” has origins in Portugal, also from the 13th century. The oldest French carol that is still being sung today, “The Friendly Beasts,” dates back to the 12th century. 

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you are probably familiar with some of today’s most popular songs. Most of these Christmas songs are less than 200 years old and were written somewhere in the United States. In tradition with our favorite holiday movies, our team is sharing our favorite holiday songs with you. Follow along as we reveal the origins and some interesting facts about our favorites.

Morgan's top five favorite Christmas songs are:

Let It Snow - Boyz II Men (written inHollywood, CAin 1945)

Fun fact:  It was written on the hottest day of the year as a means to focus on anything but the heat.

What Christmas Means To Me - Stevie Wonder (written in the 1950’s in the USA)

Fun fact:It was co-written by Anna Gordy Gaye, Motown’s Berry Gordy’s sister.

Where Are You Christmas - Faith Hill (written in the USA in the year 2000)

Fun fact: The song was written for the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas by James Horner, Mariah Carey and Will Jennings.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Jackson 5 (written in 1932 in the USA)

Fun fact: In 1970 an animated TV special based on this song and narrated by Fred Astaire was broadcast.

This Christmas - Stevie Wonder (written in 1970 in the USA)

Fun fact: A movie based on the song was released in 2007, starring Idris Elba, Regina King and Chris Brown.