Listening to Your Little Voice to Discover Your Passions

Do you ever find the little voice inside your head urging you to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing with your life? If you’re like me, constantly redefining yourself, you probably have. I have been a television promo producer, a youth pastor, legal assistant, law school graduate, and now I am a travel writer, and aspiring book author. I have definitely struggled with letting my inner voice guide me.

What is your inner voice? It is the small voice inside your head that helps you navigate the tough decisions in your life. It can also be defined as listening to your heart. If you let fear of rejection and failure get in your way, it opens the door for self-doubt.

Apple TV’s romantic dramedy, Little Voice follows Bess, a singer-songwriter who has no problem singing covers on stage. But, when performing her own songs in front of an audience, fear paralyzes her. It is clear from go; she is passionate about writing and playing music. Her biggest obstacle is herself, she believes no one wants to hear what she has to say.

Brittany O’Grady shines as Bess. If you’re a fan of this seasoned actress, you will be happy to see her back on the screen so soon after her performance in the Fox network show Star. Sara Bareilles’ songs are the inspiration for the storyline. Bess spends her days working a myriad of jobs as a dog walker, bartender, and music teacher instead of 'playing to her strengths and connecting to her passions.'

Bess struggles to find her voice. This struggle is relatable whether you pen songs, write stories, or are just trying to figure out your strengths. Not sure how to go about listening to your inner voice, here are a few tips for discovering your passions.

How to Figure Out What You're Passionate About?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve questioned my purpose. It's usually because I have lost sight of what sets off a spark inside me. I begin by making a list of the things I am passionate about, because it’s never just one thing. If you are trying to figure out what your inner voice is seeking to reveal, the following questions may help.

1. What did you love to do when you were a child? 

Travel back in time to discover who you used to be before other people weighed in on who you should be. Make a list of things you loved to do during your childhood. What activities were you good at in high school? What passions have been with you all along? See if you still connect to any of these activities now.

2. Who is already successful in this area? 

Identify people who are doing the things you’re passionate about and learn how they achieved their success. Learning about someone else’s journey can help you get started on yours. 

Instagram is a great resource for this process. Most likely you already follow instagrammers who share your passions. Look for people talking about their achievements and failures and have made it part of their mission to mentor others. I have been inspired by @glographics, @colormecourtney, @writinglaraferrari, and @worldtowning.