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My Rooftop Stories was created to collaborate with others and inspire travel one story and one photo at a time.


Founded by Gina Duncan in 2017, My Rooftop Stories was created to be a space to share our travel stories. We love traveling and the many life experiences it has given us.We all have travel stories, if we share them these moments will never be lost. We share our interesting travel experiences, tips and stories about destinations we visit, the people we meet and things to do. Hopefully, we will encourage someone to embark on their next travel adventure. Our desire is to create a community of travel storytellers. 

We invite you to publish your stories too, with us! 


We are a team of adult and young ambassadors of high school and college students. We share our perspective on traveling. here online and on Instagram @myrooftopstories.

Our goal is to share our passion for travel and provide inspiration for your next destination.


Favorite Places We've Been:

United Kingdom: London, Tobermory, Iona, Stirling, North Berwick, Oxford, Edinburgh, Bath


United States:New York City, San Francisco, Orlando, Monhegan Island, Acadia National Park, San Antonio, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Washington D.C., Providence, Rocky Mountain National Park, Savannah, 30A Florida beach towns, New Orleans, Seward, Las Vegas, Vermont


Canada:Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec


Europe:  Dublin, Venice, Munich, Verona, Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela, Taize in France, Austria, Switzerland


Other: Morocco, Antigua, West Indies, Tulum Mayan Ruins in Mexico, the Cayman Islands, Cambodia


Our Team

Gina Duncan

Founder & Editor

Hi, I am a writer who loves to travel.

As a child sitting on my rooftop in New York City and watching the airplanes take off for places unknown I would dream and write about all the journeys that I wanted to take.

I started traveling in college. Since then, I have been sharing my passion for travel by planning and leading teen trips through Europe and the United States. I am now focusing  full-time on travel and story writing.

My current bucket list includes Thailand, Rome, the Isle of Skye, Lisbon, Chefchaouen, Mumbai, Cantabria, Bali, Morocco and Reykjavik.

When I'm not writing or journaling, I enjoy practicing yoga and meditation, watercolor painting, taking dance classes and watching T.V.  I am a bit of a television aficionado.



Emma Toland

Student Ambassador

Emma is a full-time student at the University of Georgia pursuing a degree in Journalism. Her areas of study include writing, religion, literature and design. Emma is the youngest of two, adores her friends and family and appreciates the simple, hard-working aspects of life.

She enjoys cooking, traveling, reading and spending time with those she holds closely to her heart. Emma currently lives in the Classic City of Athens, but plans to move to Texas upon graduation this December to seek full-time employment and to be with her boyfriend Zach.

Julia Duncan

Student Ambassador

Julia is a sophomore at the University of Georgia with a double major in sports management and advertising. She enjoys photography and traveling. She's already been to three continents and puts London, Uganda, and Alaska on her lists of favorites. Julia hopes to keep traveling and taking pictures when she studies abroad next year.

Katy Matello

Senior Contributor

Katy has been studying and teaching high school students Social Studies, Holocaust and Genocide Studies for the past few years. Her studies have taken her to Philadelphia, New York City and this past Summer, to Poland as one of ten Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellows. 

In her spare time, she loves to read, work in her garden, and play with her furbabies.

Anywhere is her favorite place to travel, whether it's across town, across the country, or across the world. But, Montepulciano, Italy, St. George Island (Florida), and Alaska will always have a special place in her heart!

Stokes OShields

Senior Contributor

Stokes is a recent graduate of Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA with an interest in film, art, history, and unique cocktails. She currently works as the director of a gallery on the Historic Marietta Square. She has had the opportunity to travel the world a great deal already, but is always looking for her next adventure, wherever it may be. It's hard to choose one favorite place she has been, but for Stokes, seeing the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland was the most breathtaking, quite literally.


Elon Graves

Student Ambassador

Elon is a journalist with dreams of making an impact. She is currently a sophomore at Arizona State University majoring in Journalism with a focus in Public Relations. As she continues her collegiate journey, she plans to learn more about communication through various experiences.

Along with being a student, she is a dancer for ASU Hip Hop Coalition, member of Next Generation Service Corps and intern for Ideaz Media. She enjoys writing about the injustices of society, influences in music, and how culture shapes people. Most importantly, her love of the arts defines who she is. Elon not only loves to express myself through words but also as a dancer through movement. 

Morgan Moore

Student Ambassador

Morgan is a junior in high school. Her interests include photography, fashion, and exercise. Her favorite city is Philadelphia because of its vibrant street art. Besides the arts, her other passion is leadership at school mentoring 7th grade girls, tutoring Spanish in the middle school, and serving on the Student Diversity Leadership Council. She also runs cross country and track. Morgan hopes to travel to Italy in the future to experience its beauty firsthand. 

Abbi Stickles

Student Ambassador

Abbi is a senior in High School at Kennesaw Mountain. Her favorite pastime is hiking and she has been very lucky to explore national parks and other amazing scenery. Abbi has hiked Yellow Stone and Arches National Parks, Mount St. Helens and the Grand Canyon. She loves traveling to experience different cultures, eat good food, and meet interesting people. In the future she hopes to study environmental studies, which she hopes will take her around the world.

Addison Brown

Student Ambassador

Addison is currently attending Georgia State University where he is studying Film and Media. He has many interests which include - but are not limited to - playing guitar and filmmaking. Addison is most excited by a camping adventure. His favorite favorite trip so far has been  to Alaska because of the outdoor activities and its incredible beauty.


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