Taizé is a Christian community near Cluny, France. The nearest train station is Macon Loche, 1 hour 35 minutes by TGV from Paris.


Taizé is the home of an international ecumenical community. At the heart of daily life in Taizé are prayer, work and hospitality. Taizé prayer is a very meditative form of prayer, in which singing and silence play a large part. Since 1940, Taizé has been a place of welcome and has attracted thousands of visitors annually. Visitors join in the community's worship three times a day, participate in Bible introductions on the sources of faith, spend time reflecting in silence and take part in workshops on art, poetry, music, commitment for justice and peace.

The programs at Taizé run a full week, from Sunday afternoon to the following Sunday, after the morning Eucharist. Be ready to take part in all the aspects of the community life for the week.

If you cannot manage to come from Sunday to Sunday, try to come from Thursday or Friday evening until Sunday. It takes time to enter the rhythm of the meetings. Saturday to Sunday is too short!


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