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 Group leaders are you ready to plan a pilgrimage? Do you need time-saving advice? 


 I can help you in choosing a destination, draft your itinerary, suggest a fundraising strategy,  and more. I will handle the research to meet your specific needs. 



 If you have questions regarding your trip and you need assistance, fill out the form  below!



 I have 12 years of experience traveling with groups of teens, planning and leading pilgrimages  to France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. I know what is required for group  travel on a pilgrimage.


 How much does consultation cost? Because I understand that you are working under  budget constraints, I’m offering affordable consulting services.






Please consider using My Pilgrimage Planner, fill out the form to request a consultation! 


You can also contact me directly at:


Camino De Santiago
Which destination are you intersted in?
What do you need help with?
Our group has been on a pilgrimage before?

 Terms & Conditions

 1. Payment has to be made via Paypal. I’ll be providing the details via email.

 2. Payment for the first initial consultation needs to be made in advance once you receive my response email.

 3. No refund policy.

Group Consultation Service

$30  for 20 minutes initial travel advice  

Additional fees to be determined after first 30 minute consultation.

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