Travel Without Traveling

If you’re starting to feel like the skies are always gray and so is your mood, then you might need something to brighten your day.  When I feel this way I do what I call travel without traveling and I plan a trip. Sometimes it’s a trip that I am going to take in the coming months but most of the time it’s a what-if trip. What if I had 6 months to travel? What if I had unlimited funds? What if I could pack up and get away just for the weekend? Where would I go, what would I do?  The great thing is there’s no pressure to actually book or commit to anything. You can include others in on your at home travel dreaming, or not, it's totally up to you. 

My travel without traveling plans brighten my outlook, gives me something to look forward to and sometimes I find a great deal that I might not have found at another time. The following are 7 things that I do to travel without traveling. So don’t get gloomy, get to dreaming travel and check them out.

1.  Read Travel Blogs

Instead of just going online and doing a search for travel destinations, I get inspiration for travel by reading other travel bloggers. Travel bloggers posts are created from a viewpoint of someone who has experienced the culture and traveled the destination.  

My favorite travel bloggers right now are:

Nomadic Matt: Matt is all about helping you travel better for less money. He inspires travel by sharing tips on destinations around the world for everyone from the solo female traveler to families.  Nomadic Matt's Blog

The Pin the Map Project: Nikki is one of my favorite bloggers because she writes with such passion and truth. Her photos and videos completely transport you to new places. It always looks like she is having so much fun. Nikki is #goals for us travel dreamers. The Pin the Map Project Blog

Intrepid Introvert: This blog is great for destination planning. Right now Hannah has great information on Austria, Bosnia, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Montenegro, New Zealand, Panama, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, and Vietnam. 

Intrepid Introvert Blog

2.  Check Out Listings on Airbnb

Are you dreaming of staying in a chic apartment in the heart of New York City, a bright spacious villa in the lush countryside of Italy, a relaxing retreat by the sea, or a charming castle with a turret in Ireland? Then go on Airbnb and explore the world. 

I have so much fun checking out listings on Airbnb when thinking about the possibilities for my next trip. I either start with a destination I am planning on visiting or check out Airbnb’s feature destinations and experiences.  Once I choose a destination I start looking through their listings by checking out the host's photos, descriptions and their guidebook. If a host has posted a guidebook it’s a good source for local information.  Next, I may check out the reviews of homes that I am actually interested in staying at in the future.  I save the listing in a folder on Airbnb, giving it a name, like Dream Homes, Europe Writing Trip or the name of the city I am interested in visiting. Then when I am ready to travel I have a place to start for my accommodations. My 6 week trip to the UK in 2017 started as a travel without traveling session.  

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