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Time to Bloom

Word of the year bloom
If you want a child’s mind to grow…you must first plant a seed.

Planting Seeds

I was 10 years old when my Aunt Mazie gifted me a journal. It was small, with a lock and a tiny key. I was inspired and poured my heart onto every page. I now have boxes filled with these heart stories. My aunt planted the seeds for a lifetime of journaling and writing down my stories.

Last year I planted seeds of my own. I‘ve had fibromyalgia for years and it was taking a toll on my mental and emotional state. I was feeling overwhelmed, self-critical, and hopeless. Pain management therapy helped me cope with my chronic pain. I enrolled in courses to advance the children’s books I am writing. I had some personal setbacks, but I Am Here by Ashley Lemieux encouraged me to find the clarity needed to reclaim my power. l sowed the seeds so this year I could bloom.

Bloom definition

Why I Chose BLOOM As My Word of the Year?

I like picking a word that gives me a focus for the new year. My words of the year since 2017 tell a story. One of boldness, intention, inspiration, manifesting, and thriving. My 2022 word is BLOOM.

BLOOM (noun) a state or time of development or achievement
(verb) to mature into achievement of one’s potential; to become…fully expressed

A seed can’t stay a seed forever. When nourished, it will bloom. It requires determination and patience. Then it transforms into something new and beautiful. I love the idea of taking root and blooming into my true potential. It expresses being alive. This is what I need this year, to live in full bloom.

What about you? Do you have a word for the year? Struggling to find one? Here is a list of words to inspire your intentions. I’d love to hear what you choose. Tell me about it in the comments section.

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