Sustainable Living and Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

sustainable living

The sun was setting on the horizon; the sky was bursting in a vibrant display of oranges and pinks as it dropped into the water. My stroll along the shore should have been all about nature’s beautiful announcement of nightfall. Instead, I tripped over plastic bottles, dodged large pieces of metal, and tiptoed around debris washed up on shore.

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to earth. Our planet is drowning in it. Every year, 8 million tons of plastic get into our oceans. It comes from us littering nondegradable waste. When the plastic doesn’t decompose, it affects both marine and human life. Tiny pieces of plastic that are swallowed by animals then get into our food and we consume it. Thousands of birds, fish, and turtles die each year from plastic pollution.

pollution on the beach

What can you do? First, recognize we can each make an impact. Together, we can reduce waste by reusing and recycling. It’s not too late to minimize our environmental footprint.

I checked in with my team to see how they are practicing sustainable living. And, because we like to fill our feeds with inspiration, we are sharing a few of the Instagram accounts encouraging us to stay environmentally accountable.

We also put together a list of eco-friendly products to help you take simple steps towards reducing waste. Don’t know what to get the eco-conscious person on your holiday shopping list? Look no further.


We save our kitchen scraps for compost in our garden. ~Katy Matello

I conserve the environment by reusing and repurposing items. Besides reusable ziplock bags, water bottles, coffee cups...things I use daily, I try to reuse grocery bags or shop with cloth ones. We also save kitchen scraps, fruit and veggie cuttings, eggshells, coffee grinds, etc. to put in our comp