Sensoji Temple in 15 Photos

In October 2019, I spent a few days in Tokyo. It was my first visit to the country, and I was looking forward to seeing as much as I could in a short time. I was excited to immerse myself in the culture. The best way to learn about culture is to understand the heritage and religion of the people. Religion links you to the architecture, history, and traditions more than anything else. My first stop was Asakusa and Sensōji Temple.

Sensōji is the oldest and most colorful Buddhist Temple in Tokyo. It is a place where you can experience a more traditional lifestyle. Perfect for taking photos. So sharing my experience, I give you 15 photos that tell a story about the temple and culture of Tokyo.

Sensōji was created to help call on Buddha to protect the city of Edo in the northeast district. Today, Edo is called Tokyo. Hozoman Gate is one of the main entrances to the temple.

The giant red chōchin lantern and copper tōrō at Hozoman Gate are considered an offering to Buddha.

The incense burner in the center is surrounded by visitors who wave the smoke towards their bodies for healing.

The temple is a must see. It is a popular place for school trips in Tokyo.