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Self-Care: Show Up for Yourself

Practice self-care.

I have heard that so many times this year. As an educator, it has been emphasized in my teacher circles, at my job, and on social media. To be fair, until March 16th of 2020, I am not sure I ever routinely practiced self-care.

2020 SUCKED for many reasons.

  1. My role as an educator shifted dramatically. I had to relearn how to teach in a new environment. I had to relearn how to view my role as an educator.

  2. My mom broke her hip and the reality she isn’t invincible reared its ugly head.

  3. My dad passed away after a long illness.

  4. The world was plagued with political ideologies and rifts galore.

  5. My anxiety went from manageable to not.

Perhaps it was a culmination of events, or maybe it’s the pandemic forcing us to slow down, but it caused me to reevaluate how I viewed my time and how I could practice self-care.


I have had a relationship with yoga for a few years now. However, increased anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed caused me to revisit and really work on my relationship with myself through yoga. Yoga is really a mental practice for me. It is one hundred percent physical as well, but it allows me to show up for me and only me. This dedicated hour on my mat helps me focus on recentering myself and letting everything else fade away.

Netflix. Hulu. HBO.

Taking time to not do anything else and binge-watch tv has been a way for me to completely escape for a bit and then come back to reality with a new perspective.


Asking for support and seeking therapy changed everything! Mental health is so important. I have been in therapy for a while now, but this year I had to ask for more help. I went on an antianxiety med because I could no longer manage my anxiety. It was such a positive change and made me question what I had been doing with my life for the last 32 years.

Self-care looks different for every single person. Trying new things, asking for advice and suggestions from peers or experts, is important in your exploration of taking care of yourself.

My self-care is constantly evolving. Something that worked last week may not work now. Be kind to yourself. Show up for yourself. Know it is enough.


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