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Self-Care: Creating a Positive Mindset

I am all about self-care! There are so many ways to practice it and let it infuse or better your life. My large scale self-care practices, where I set aside time to do them include: yoga (Down Dog is a great app if you are looking for a guided practice!), relaxing in a bubble bath with a face mask and a good book or movie, reading while I listen to instrumental music, journaling, cleaning my house and doing laundry (sounds boring but is so therapeutic!) digital and social media breaks, spending time with friends, and taking my dog on a long walk to the nearby parks.

Self-care is not just about relaxing, but putting in work that will better your future self. With this mentality, I also like to add in small self-care moments each day. I have reminders on my phone to “text a friend,” “fix your posture,” “give yourself or someone else a compliment,” and other similar notes. They have been so helpful to keep me in a more positive mindset, or help me reset if I find I have gone to a more negative place. It’s not always easy, but it makes you feel good, both short term and long term.

Stoke's Self Care Ideas

  1. Take a yoga class.

  2. Relax in a bubble bath with a good book or movie.

  3. Clean your skin and relax with a face mask.

  4. Read while listening to instrumental music.

  5. Journal

  6. Clean your house.

  7. Do laundry.

  8. Disconnect from social media.

  9. Spend time with friends.

  10. Walk your dog.


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