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Our Travel Lover's Christmas Wish List

Have you put together a Christmas wish list yet this year? Are you seeking gifts for that travel lover you know? We understand  it can be difficult finding the perfect present. My team of ambassadors made our lists and checked them twice for those items that will help us as we plan or take our next adventure. (And yes, these lists might be a hint to those who know us, of what to get us for Christmas.)

Here are the top three items on each of our lists to help you find a gift for that someone who has wanderlust :


A bullet journal dedicated to travel. Writing down where you went and how you felt at different points along your way help you to remember the trip and plan for future adventures.

Long days of travel can wear your down and dry out your skin. My favorite pick me up is this travel size moisturizing cocoa butter(especially useful during these harsh winter months)

Kavu Mini Rope Bag is a MUST have for me, especially on day trips. This over the shoulder bag keeps you hands free for the day's activities. 


It's a great light weight bag with a lot of space.

Just take them out, and it's ready to use. Because there aren't any attached wires makes it the perfect gift for a traveler.

A compact polaroid camera in fun colors. It's the perfect lightweight camera for fun photos that will make great souvenirs of your trip. The collapsible lens is a plus.


Audible Account  to get audiobooks for those long travel days.

Bose Quiet Comfort  Noise Cancelling Headphones for Apple devices- Black (wired, 3.5mm) 

A hard case carry-on sized suitcase is lightweight with spinner wheels which make it the ideal bag for traveling. The two separate compartments inside make it easier to organize everything.


When traveling I have some essentials that help shape my experience, but here are a few items that would inspire me to take on my adventures with a different perspective. 

​​ HydroFlaskI always need to hydrate. Hydroflasks are perfect for keeping drinks hot or cold for a long time and it can endure a lot of movement. 

I love keeping a journal to document my experience through words. I enjoy a good pen to get the words down on paper.

I have always wanted a camera to capture the essence of the places and activities that I experience.


A fun interactive international map to help you plan travel and mark your destinations.

There's nothing worse than neck discomfort when you travel.  The Hooded Neck Pillow has memory foam and  will provide this comfort.  There's also a place to hold your phone so you can have easy access to plug in your phone for music while you travel. It also comes with it's own drawstring bag for easy transport.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is a handheld smartphone gimbal that i's perfect for helping a traveler, especially travel bloggers to capture their moments. Just select your subject ,and its built-in active track will follow it. You can create smooth videos with the built in time motion and cinematic zoom control features.  



Spice up your travel look with a passport wallet from Magnolia! This is a great addition to any world traveler’s carry-on.


I have this, and I love it! It’s a great addition to every closet and goes with just about anything. It’s perfect for travel!


In the last year, I have greatly benefited from a gratitude journal. Each day, it is my goal to write down at least one thing that I am grateful for. This has helped me find gratitude in mundane things on the darker of days. While traveling this summer, I wrote down my daily gratitude, but when traveling in the future, I feel that I would further benefit by capturing each day of my travels, thoughts, experiences, and moments.  I like the Mindful Travel Journal because it is more of a minimalist approach.


My yoga practice is a part of me that I am grateful for each and every day. Carting a mat around while traveling is not always the easiest, but as I begin to travel more often, I have been drawn to the idea of a Mala Prayer Bead Necklace. I have researched the importance and significance of these beautiful prayer beads. Many of my fellow yogis use them as something to help ground while practicing or daily life. While traveling, I think that having a tangible object I can also use for grounding for mediation or yoga would allow me to be true to my practice and mind. Here is a beautiful example of a Mala Prayer Bead Necklace.

Sense of Curiosity

The third thing that would be on my list is not a tangible item that one can purchase or acquire. It would be a sense of curiosity. I think traveling without a sense of curiosity honestly gets away from the true reason to travel. Curiosity allows for exploration which in turns allows for growth, whether that be growth of mind, spirit, or even growth of curiosity. Finding that path that is not well traveled to experience a moment that allows for gratitude is so important. 

Well ,that's our wish lists. We hope you found a great gift. Happy Holidays and have fun shopping!

Written by Morgan Moore, Julia Duncan, Stokes O'Shields, Elon Graves, Gina Duncan, Emma Toland and Martha Sanderson


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