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Choosing My Word of the Year

Do you choose a word to guide your goals for the year?

On January 1st, instead of making a bunch of new year’s resolutions, I pick a word of the year. I have had this tradition since 2017. A word to focus and reflect on and to keep me grounded. Over the years I have chosen Inspiration. Bold. Intentional. Manifest.

2020 was supposed to be my year of manifesting. I started the year recording manifestations in my journal, most of them centered around travel. In 2019, I had traveled to three continents, fourteen cities, and five countries. So I was confident I could make my 2020 manifestations happen. I planned a trip to France with an extended stay to do some writing. Little did I know by March, everything would change.

It became harder to figure out what to manifest. I wasn’t able to readapt as quickly as I had in the past. It seemed like the world was setting me up for failure. I felt I had lost control. It’s nearly impossible to manifest anything when you feel you are free falling. After the year we’ve had, I didn’t think I would choose a word for 2021. But I’ve been determined to refocus in all aspects of my life.

I thought long and hard to find my word. I seek to THRIVE.

Thrive means to flourish; to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.

I needed a word that would pull me out of 2020 and thrust me forward into 2021. I have set twenty personal and professional goals. I want to cultivate my relationships, grow professionally, continue my self-care habits of daily journaling, dance classes, and yoga. This year is about developing in all areas of my life.

Struggling to find your word this year. Here are a list of words to help you trigger your annual goal setting:





  • GLOW










What word will you choose this year? Which word inspires you to reach the goals you set for 2021?


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