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5 Things To Do This Fall

The long days of summer have faded. We are in the season of crisp weather, and colorful hues of orange, red, and yellow in the foliage. Fall has arrived!

I yearn for this magical time of the year, always ready to put on my boots and sweaters. I live in Georgia, which in October is still a little too warm. Yet I obsessively watch my weather app for those chilly mornings. I can’t wait to dive into everything about this season.

Looking for fun activities? From enjoying the outdoors to getting hygge inside, here are five things you can do this fall.

1. Check Out the Fall Foliage

The colors in nature are the most beautiful this season of the year. It’s the best time to be outdoors and get some fresh air. Health-wise, being outside is good for you. It boosts your energy and immune system. It also helps with creativity, increases concentration, and relieves stress.

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to see the bright hues in the trees. The northernmost parts of North America have already peaked. My heart breaks for the northwestern United States that have been sieged with wildfires. But for the rest of the U.S. and much of Europe, October through November are the predicted months to view the foliage. Leave changes happen into the month of December in some countries of Asia. 

You can find the most spectacular fall colors in the world here: 


  • The Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

  • Route 7 & 9 in Connecticut

  • Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia

  • Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Galena, Illinois

  • The Catskills, New York

  • Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina 

  • Smoky Mountains, North Carolina

  • Boston, Massachusetts

  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts

  • Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania

  • Gatlinburg, Tennessee


  • Bruges, Belgium

  • The Bulgarian Countryside

  • Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

  • Prague, Czech Republic

  • Loire Valley, France

  • Paris, France

  • Budapest, Hungary

  • Tuscany, Italy

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • The Highlands in Scotland, UK


  • Hokkaido, Japan

  • Kyoto, Japan

  • Taoyuan, Taiwan

Leaf watch: 

Interested in making a trip to view the changing leaves, here are two sites to help you enjoy the colors of the season:

2. Get Crafty with Pumpkins

First, find the perfect pumpkin. You can buy one at the grocery store but, why not go for another opportunity to be outdoors? Discover local farms growing beautiful pumpkins and pick your own. When you find a farm near you, don't forget to check their website for hours, price, and if a reservation is required.

Now you have selected a pumpkin, what do you do?  Carve it, etch it, or paint it. It’s the best D.I.Y. Halloween activity. 

Carving Your Pumpkin

Carving pumpkins should be thin, sturdy, and sound hollow when you tap it. The next steps are:

  • Draw your design. 

  • Cut off the top and scoop out the gooey guts from the inside.

  • Carve out your design with a pumpkin kit, you can pick up at a store, or use a serrated knife from your kitchen.

Etching A Pumpkin

Etch a funny or spooky face, or put a cool design on your pumpkin. Etching involves making shallow cuts to its surface with a linoleum cutting tool. A bonus, no scooping out equals no mess.

  • Print out a template of your design.

  • Tape the design to your pumpkin.

  • Use a non-serrated paring knife to pierce through the paper and make shallow cuts along the outlines of the pattern.

  • Remove the paper. 

  • Peel the skin off the pattern with the knife.

Painting Your Pumpkin

Painting the pumpkin is another no mess way to create a fun design. Here are easy steps to getting the look you want:

  • Clean and dry your pumpkin.

  • Be inspired in your design by the shape of your pumpkin.

  • Stencil your design onto the pumpkin using a permanent marker.

  • Using acrylic paint, paint it.

  • Spray a light coat of craft sealant on the painted area. 

3. Get Cozy Inside

Redecorate your home with textures and fall hues. The hottest colors for 2020 are neutral browns, creams and grays, mulberry, mustard, desert orange, deep coral, cool greens like ocean, botanical, ultramarine, and olive. For the trendiest fall look, include Pantone’s color of the year. It is classic blue, which is a calming tone. 

Pile up your bed and sofa with pillows, a comforter, and add fluffy throws. Cozy up your space with candles in the warm scents of pumpkin spice, crème brûlée, or apple cider. Light a fire and settle in for some reading or watching your favorite television shows.

4. Decorate for Halloween

From spooky to crafty, decorating for Halloween is fun. Here are some of my favorite pieces to enhance your look. 

  • Cobwebs: Cheap cottony webbing is great for indoors. But to make the outdoors a little creepier, try a cloth netting, it alo stands up better to inclement weather.

  • Lighting: Indoors and out, lights are the key ingredient to creating your Halloween atmosphere. 

5. Look to the Night Sky

This month, look up into the night sky for a series of astrological events.

Blue Moon

October 2020 has two full moons. The first one occurred on October1st, the second will be on the 31st.

Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn

The red planet Mars is the closest it will be to Earth, 38,586,816 miles—it won’t be this close again until the year 2035. Jupiter and Saturn are also visible and are in proximity to each other in the southern sky. Look for them near the crescent moon.

Meteor Showers

The annual Orionids meteor shower will peak from October 20th-24th. Two more occur this fall. The second meteor shower, Northern Taurids will peak November 11th, and then Leonids on November 16-17th.

Are you as excited as I am for the fall? If so, what are some of your favorite activities to do this time of year? Share them in the comments.


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