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Travel Stories in Six Words

I have been fascinated by six-word storytelling. Writing a six-word story is always more challenging than I think it will be. I sit looking at a blank page trying to figure out how I can tell a story in just six words. After multiple tries of writing too many words, I am usually able to find the right six words to share my story. I have been inspired by others who have undertaken this creative task. Legend has it that American author Ernest Hemingway, was once challenged to write a story in just six words. His famous six-word story,  “For sale: baby shoes, never worn,” has also inspired many to create their own brief six-word tales. There are entire communities dedicated to writing your six-word memoirs and numerous Pinterest boards share their versions of six-word stories.

In case it’s unclear, a six-word story is a six-word sentence that is written to tell a story. It is actually a great way to share about traveling. I have traveled with groups of teens and have included writing a six-word story about our experience as part of their daily reflection time. I love seeing how they process our trip in just a few brief words. So, I challenged our team at My Rooftop Stories to do the same thing with their own travel experiences. Can you describe your own journeys in only six words? I challenge you to share your own masterpieces in the comments here or on our Facebook page.

Here are our six-word travel stories:


  • Without the struggle, we get bored.

  • Adventurers always belong to mother nature.

  • Wandering hearts never stray too far.

  • I feel my heart is full.

  • Peaceful is having love close by.

  • Climbing mountains always satisfies the soul.


  • Chasing dreams of far away places.

  • I nearly forgot to enjoy home.

  • Creating memories with these familiar faces.


  • She wanders because she is free.

  • A journey taken. Time well spent.

  • I am headed out of town.

  • A setting sun. Day is done.

  • I am curious, so I travel.

  • Traveling the world is my dream.

  • Seeing faces in far away places.

  • Yesterday's rooftop dreams, today's visited places.


  • Wanderlust I am, anywhere and anytime.

  • I crave new faces, sounds, smells.

  • The adventurous soul of an explorer.

  • Planes, trains, automobiles, sites to explore.

  • Seeing sunrises all around the world.

  • Nothing invigorates me like plane engines.

Elon's Six-word Poem: Traveling Alone

Traveling alone teaches you about yourself.

Teaches you trust, independence and creativity.

You take advantage of the freedom. 

You explore beyond the normal boundaries. 

You become your own life guide.

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