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Tiny Bubbles is Southern Hospitality

Hidden within Historic Marietta Square is a plethora of treasures. From local art to fine dining, anything a Southern belle could ever need is found on the Square. Right off of West Park Square sits the ever busy Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar and Gift Shop. A fusion of Asian culture and Southern hospitality, and a go to hang out for community members of all ages.

When I was asked to do a special story on Tiny Bubbles I couldn't say no. Tiny Bubbles has a vibrant atmosphere, amazing 'TEAristas', and delicious bubble tea. How it works is that you choose a creamy or clear tea and add tapioca  or popping pearls. Our 'TEArista' even shared with us that the most ordered bubbles are the Razzleberry- a lemonade raspberry tea and the Coconut Brown Sugar. When we asked customers, we were even delighted to know that they make specialty drinks such as "The Olivia", for repeat customers. These drinks are always made to order, and easily customizable with step by step instructions to creating the perfect drink. 

During this outing, we were greeted with amazing customer service and  happy customers, and it's not a guessing game as to how much effort is put into this business. The combination of a globally loved social drink with the home town hospitality  of Marietta creates the perfect mixture. I personally find myself in love with Tiny Bubbles because I can shop locally at their gift shop while enjoying a made-to-order bubble tea, I highly urge you to give it a try next time you're in Historic Marietta Square.

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