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The Best Series We're Watching

Ideas for your next binge-watching session

While 2020 had us inside our homes for most of the year, we were glued to our screens by standout series and captivating performances that helped us get through the months. We became obsessed with the scandalous madness of Netflix’s Tiger King; it was our guilty pleasure. We traveled vicariously with Emily In Paris and wondered if Love Is Blind was an acceptable blueprint for social distance dating. How many of you were categorizing and color coding your cluttered spaces after binge-watching Get Organized with Home Edit? We sure did. In September, Disney debuted their live-action remake of Mulan on its streaming service and delighted us broadway fans, from the comfort of our living rooms, when they premiered Hamilton.

HBO-Max launched, bringing us the sci-fi thriller Raised by Wolves and the horror drama LoveCraft Country. They also had us laughing and then crying overThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion, it’s still a must see.

We asked our writers to share five series they are watching in 2021. They lept to the task also revealing their favorite of the five. Here’s what we’re watching:

Gina Duncan

1. The Queen's Gambit

2. This Is Us

3. One Day at a Time

4. The Bachelor

5. Wandavision

If Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t on a mid-season hiatus, it would have made my list for its excellent story-telling, phenomenal acting, and season of surprises kept me riveted and emotional. It's back in March!

I just finished binge-watching all four seasons ofOne Day at a Time and it is my favorite this month. This show floods my memories with time spent laughing with my Auntie Anna as the spicy aroma of arroz con pollo and fried plantains cooking on the stove filled the kitchen. The series is a reimagining of Norman Lear’s 70s sitcom, centered around the Cuban-American Alvarez family and deals with real-life situations many of us face. It inspires you to be proud of your heritage, encourages honesty, respect and individuality. The casting is pure magic, and one of the few that makes me laugh out loud. Justina Machado is delightful as a single Latina mother and Army veteran. But its legendary actress, Rita Moreno, who had me clamouring for more of her poignant acting as Abuelita. She reminds me so much of my aunt, who passed away several years ago. One Day at a Time is comfort TV.

Katy Matello

1. Bridgerton

2. The Mandalorian

3. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

4. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

5. America's Next Top Model

The concept of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is pretty original, which is hard to find anymore. I have always found songs can more aptly describe feelings than prose. When I watched the first season last spring, my family was dealing with a similar situation as Zoey, my dad was in hospice care before passing away. The emotional connection mixed with the beautiful expression through song makes Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist a solid pick for me.

Stokes O'Shields

1. Mindhunter

2. The Mandalorian

3. Raised By Wolves

4. Watchmen

5. Selena

Even though I am a big true crime fan, I initially struggled to stick with Mindhunter. I started it a year ago and only watched a few episodes, but did not like the way Holden Ford was portrayed. Recently, I picked up the book the show is based on, and was reminded to go back and try it again. I am almost finished with the second season and honestly, I’m looking forward to being done with it to focus more on the book. Parts of the show are very well executed, but then so many aspects of the storytelling seem unnecessarily convoluted, especially to make Holden Ford appear to be more Sherlockian than the FBI agent he was based on. The interviews with the various mass murderers are skillfully acted and quite powerful scenes. However, those interested in the history of criminal psychology and serial killers should definitely check out the tv show and/or memoir.

Michael Duncan

1, Friends

2. Frasier

3. Gossip Girl

4. Seinfeld

5. Outer Banks or Cheers

Making this list, it was very hard to narrow down to just one. I definitely prefer to watch sitcoms out of all the TV genres. I have watched a lot of the old ones but my favorite would have to be Friends. I laugh throughout every episode and have really connected to the characters of the show. I would have to say Ross is my favorite character, which I can debate with anyone who wants to challenge me on the topic.

Abbi Stickels

1. New Girl

2. The Office

3. Good Trouble

4. The Bachelor

5. Dance Moms

New Girl is such a fun show! I always have it on in the background and I have re-watched the entire series at least four times! It’s great because my boyfriend also likes it so I never feel bad having it on! My favorite episode is when CeCe’s wedding is crashed by Bucky the Badger (Go Badgers!).

Julia Duncan

1. The Undoing

2. Peaky Blinders

3. The Queen’s Gambit

4. The Crown

5. Sex and the City

If you like the Netflix series You about a charming bookstore manager, then you will like The Undoing. This thriller with Nicole Kidman has many twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I haven’t even finished this miniseries, and I can already recommend it to anyone who likes an American mystery.

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