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Our Favorite Travel Photos

The Giza Pyramid Complex in Egypt taken by Katy Matello

Travel has been halted, and we are getting a little stir crazy. In past years we have traveled to Egypt, Morocco, the Olympic Peninsula, Paris, and other places around the world. For this story, we browsed our cameras to share our favorite travel photos. Each one is linked to a special memory. Enjoy our tour.

Our main photo is the Giza Pyramid Complex in Egypt. I took this shot when I was there in the summer of 2019. Seeing the pyramids was an item on my bucket list and being there was so surreal. No picture does the structure’s true justice, but I’m happy to have been able to attempt it. by Katy Matello

Helen, GA taken by Stokes O'Shields

My first trip out of town since COVID was a weekend getaway to Helen, GA. I took this photo at King Ludwig’s Beer Garden.

I mostly stayed at the cabin and went on walks with my German Shepherd, Hank, checking out the adorable cabins nearby. Took a quick trip into town to see the Bavarian village. It is a cute little place, and I was so grateful to get away for a bit.

by Stokes O'Shields

Saint Anthony's Sand Dune taken by Abbi Stickels

I made some of my greatest memories on my group trip throughout the Midwest, and this photo highlights the picture perfect pizza party we had during sunset at Saint Anthony’s Sand Dunes. Although we can’t travel nowadays, it is what has filled my life with excitement. Through this trip I developed my relationship with my boyfriend of four years, found my passion for the environment, and pushed my mind and body further than I could have ever imagined. Travel has helped me grow, and I absolutely love that in times without it I have photos to reflect on.

by Abbi Stickels

Couple in Paris taken by Julia Duncan

I took this picture from my hotel room window, on my super zoom camera in Paris. It’s one of my favorites because it’s blurry and imperfect but still encapsulates everything Paris is supposed to be...the city of love.

by Julia Duncan

The Olympic Peninsula taken by Martha Sanderson

This is one of my absolute favorite photos of me. A friend and I drove cross-country in the summer of 2019. I took this picture at the base of a giant cedar tree on the Olympic Peninsula. It was very humbling at how small I felt standing at the bottom of this giant tree. When I posted the picture on social media, the caption read, “Perspective is everything.”

by Martha Sanderson

Traveling with World Towning in the Sahara Desert taken by Gina Duncan

I rode a camel in the Sahara Desert, and this photo is proof. Without these momentos of our travels, the memories can fade. I am absolutely sure I will never forget standing on the soft sand, the mountainous dunes on the horizon, and feeling the brisk Moroccan wind as I traveled in a camel caravan with my friends to our desert camp. To mount a camel, it has to be in a kneeling position. Hold on tight when it rises to its feet. Once you are both up, your body eventually mirrors its swaying movements and your desert waltz begins.

by Gina Duncan

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