Our Favorite Holiday Movies

The holidays mean different things to people, and that goes the same for our team of writers when it comes to the movies we like to watch during the holiday season. It was fun for each of us to share our top five favorite holiday movies. Some of us like the same movie, so there is a list of our overall top five favorites with details for where you can watch them. As inspiration for future travel, I have also included the location that the movies were either shot or is the setting for the story.

Need a break from studying for finals, shopping or just some holiday cheer? If you like the traditional classics or a romantic comedy we have something on our lists for you this holiday season.

Morgan's  Top 5

The Holiday (California,England)

Arthur ChristmasSanta and his team of high tech elves forget to leave a present at a little girl's house. His clumsy son and father set out to deliver it with less than two hours until the end of Christmas Eve. (the UK)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Frozen (Norway)

A Charlie Brown Christmas (Minnesota)

Julia's Top 5

Elf (Of course)- An adult elf who realizes he doesn't fit in, travels to New York City to find his real father. While trying to establish a relationship with his father chaos results. (NYC)

The Polar Express The Santa Clause (Ontario) Miracle on 34th Street (NYC) Love Actually (London)