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Faith and Travel Series: Appreciating God's Creation

I write this post from the back seat of a Dodge Grand Caravan surrounded by various stacks of homework I promised myself I would finish during my college tour trip. I anxiously awaited this trip, not only because of the heavy weight that college placed on my mind, but because I could not wait to see the beautiful rolling hills of Virginia in autumn.

Since infancy, my parents gabbed on about the beauty of fall leaves, especially those in Charlottesville, Virginia. Each year I patiently wait for the arrival of October and the changing of the leaves. This year I would be able to experience the golden hues through the van’s clear window.

Although the stress over my future builds up with each college I visit, I look forward to the beautiful trees of fall. The further north we travel I grow weary. The leaves remain as green as they have been all summer. Some of the greenery browns in the heat. My dream of a true autumn experience must wait until next year. 

My disappointment overshadows the next day of hot weather and green leaves. To keep from ruining the road trip for everyone else I turn to the Bible for help. I find Romans 12:12 “Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times.

I pray for God’s guidance throughout this adventure. I pray He grants me the strength to remain patient and turn my disappointment into gratefulness. I hope He remains by my side and sustains my admiration for His creations. I may not have found the burnt oranges and amber leaves I craved, but I reconnected with God and the beauty He created on Earth.

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