Christmas Binge-Watching in November

This year has been a lot! Who doesn’t want to call on Christmas a little early? I do.

I spent the weekend binge-watching Christmas television on Netflix. It was a welcome release. I'm also looking forward to watching holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel, the Lifetime Network, and ABC's Freeform. If you’re ready for the magic and wonder of the holidays, then this is the binge-watching list for you.



Dash & Lily is Netflix’s latest rom-com series that embodies the feelings associated with spending Christmas in New York City. You either love it, or hate it.

The series is based on the 2010 YA novel “Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares” by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan.

It follows the two title characters around New York as they trade dares. Dash is a sarcastic teenage boy who is all bah humbug about Christmas and is looking forward to spending the holidays alone. He stumbles across a red notebook on a shelf at the Strand. Inside, he finds a list of challenges. He is enticed to discover its author and plays along.

Lily is an enthusiastic young woman who loves Christmas. She creates the notebook challenges to find romance during the holidays. They trade dares by passing off the notebook and are both challenged to do things outside of their comfort zone at locations around New York City.

Dash and Lily share their dreams and reveal facts about themselves, which brings them closer. But can the notebook version of their relationship match up when they meet in person?

This one was my favorite. As a native New Yorker, I felt this show captured the spirit of the city during the holidays. I am also an avid journal keeper and have created my own scavenger hunts for my students, including an urban adventure challenge around New York City.

With only eight episodes, it’s a quick binge-watch to see what happens with Dash and Lily.


“Vampire Diaries” alum Kat Graham and “The Hunger Games” Alexander Ludwig bring some sizzle to this binge-watching session. Ludwig plays Andrew a handsome, skilled, and dedicated young U.S. Air Force pilot stationed in Guam, who loves playing Santa for the local islanders. Graham’s, Erica, a smart, ambitious, and hardworking political aide who has lost her Christmas spirit.

Erica forgoes spending the holidays with her family and is sent to investigate the military base’s spending surrounding the sources for their airborne mission, “Operation Christmas Drop.” Andrew, is charged with trying to get her to see the outreach behind the drop and prove it is totally funded by donations. They instantly clash.

The movie shot on location at an Air Force base in Guam, sheds light on the real-life holiday mission. Operation Christmas Drop is the longest running humanitarian airdrop efforts of the Department of Defense. The U.S. Air Force, along with Australia and Japan. They provide needed supplies and toys to the people on the 56 islands of Micronesia.

Escape to the Pacific island of Guam with Operation Christmas Drop. Who doesn’t need a little paradise break right now?