Be Inspired By Our Travel Bucket Lists

The new year has most people thinking of resolutions, things that they can do to change their lives in the coming year. When the new year begins, my ambassadors and I think travel. Our writers have put together a list of places that we want to visit. It's a top ten bucket list of each of our dream travel destinations and what inspires our top location. So instead of coming up with a list of resolutions why not sit down like we did and think of all the places you dream of traveling to, it's so much fun.

Gina kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland, a destination that is now checked off her bucket list.

Gina's Travel Bucket List: 

1.  Thailand*

2.  New Zealand

3.  Morocco

4.  Cambodia*

5.  Bordeaux, France

6.  Tuscany, Italy

7.  Isle of Skye, Scotland

8.  Santa Fe, New Mexico

9.  Catalunya, Spain

10.  Reykjavik, Iceland

Săwătdee. Koon chèuu ărai? Chán chèuu Gina. I have been learning Thai for about a year and Thailand is at the top of my travel bucket list. When I think of Thailand, I think of some of my favorite things beaches, great food, picturesque scenery, rich culture, and affordable prices. I want to explore Chiang Mai, travel the streets of Bangkok in a tuk tuk, volunteer at the Elephant Conservation Center, shop for bargains on the floating markets, explore breathtaking national parks, visit Thailand's royal palace and majestic temples. There are so many exciting and fun stories waiting to be told on a trip to Thailand.

Stokes’s Travel Bucket List 

1. Scotland*

2. The Grand Tetons

3. Japan, especially Kyoto and Yokusaka

4. New Oreleans, Louisiana*

5. Hawaii