Hello, Welcome to My Pilgrimage Planner
At My Pilgrimage Planner we will help you plan your unique pilgrimage experience. I provide travel tips and guides from years of experience. Traveling with a group, and you need  me to consult on your pilgrimage planning needs, I do that too. 
Hi, my name is Gina Duncan and I have been taking and leading pilgrimages for the past 12 years. On my travels I have become part of a monastic community in France, gone lobster catching off the coast of Maine, explored castles, led faith discussions with teenagers from around the world, danced the ceilidhs on an island in Scotland and joined with Native Americans in a dance of celebration in Alaska.  

If you are looking for a pilgrimage experience of your own and want to see the world from a unique perspective. Plan your next journey with My Pilgrimage Planner, the ultimate pilgrimage planning guide.
"To  travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive."
- Robert Louis Stevenson


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