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Taking a Pilgrimage

What is a Pilgrimage?
A pilgrimage is not a traditional travel experience, but a unique trip to journey in the footsteps of others who have traveled before us. Historically, pilgrimages were first made to places connected to the birth, life, death, or place of burial associated with saints and founders of Christianity and other faiths. Traditionally a pilgrimage has been a meaningful adventure to a sacred destination. Today a pilgrimage can provide you with the opportunity to step out of your busy life, to seek quiet and time for reflection. 
Why Take a Pilgrimage? 

People take a pilgrimage when they need to make a change in their lives or want to mark a milestone age or event. If you are seeking healing or looking to discover a deeper meaning to life, then it is the trip for you. For Christians, it is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your faith, discern God’s plan for you, and to give you time for reflection. Whether traveling solo or in a group, a pilgrimage can be a life transforming trip.
The Solo Pilgrim
Traveling on a pilgrimage alone can be a great way to give yourself space. Your journey is yours- sometimes it's more convenient to travel at your own pace. When deciding whether to take a solo or group pilgrimage think about what you are hoping to get out of your journey.
Group Pilgrimage
If traveling alone is not for you, or you are planning a pilgrimage for your group. There are many ways to make the experience unique for you and your group. Traveling with others can help you build unique relationships or further bond your group. 
Choosing a Destination
Many pilgrimage destinations require a long walk to get there and usually that journey is a huge part of your transformation. Most of the time it is what you encounter at your chosen site that marks your experience.
If you are ready to break-free from the challenges of everyday life, choose one of our destinations by clicking below for more specific information. Check out our MyRooftop Stories blog for pilgrimage tips. Group leaders, if you're ready to book a pilgrimage use our Consultation page to save yourself time and money.
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