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Making Connections

Something you learn fast when you travel to a foreign country, the connections you make with locals will be different from your own country, and many times it will change even between cities too. These interactions will usually create some of the most distinct memories, though. I have a few examples, and lessons I’ve learned from the places I’ve visited and the people I’ve met.

As soon as you arrive, find a small local bar where you can get a good bite to eat, get to know the staff, and just start talking to people. Look for opportunities to strike up conversations, even if you’re a little bit nervous. If you befriend a local, they are usually happy to share some tips and tricks for their city, especially places that are a must visit, some of which you may not even know about. They might even  share some of their favorite restaurants with you, too!

I probably had the most fun interactions with people in Ireland. I traveled there with my father and brother, and we explored mostly the southern parts of Ireland. I found traveling with my dad was one of the biggest reasons that I had such fun interactions, thanks to his big personality and willingness to talk to people. We would end up learning about many local secrets and stories, and became so comfortable with the locals that we actually would have tourists coming up to us with questions, believing we lived there.

I still struggle on my own to have the confidence to talk to people as easily as my father does, but whenever I do get out there and get to know new people in a different country, I always find it creates such unique memories

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