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Cats of Morocco

The cities of Morocco are infused with life. They are vibrant with color and wafting with the spicy aroma of meats, vegetables, and spices. As you stroll cobblestoned streets, you will pass medieval buildings with lofty arches and hand-carved wooden doors. You can spend hours taking pictures as you wander the ancient, twisting Medina alleys and courtyards with majestic columns, ornate with mosaic tiles and fountains. On a trip to Morocco I discovered the human and animal landscape is equally dynamic. For every vista photo I took, there were just as many photos of people and animals. 

When I travel I am always seeking the stories of the locations I am visiting. While architecture and artifacts tell beautiful tales. Many of the stories I find come from human connections and the animals that inhabit the area. I have found Thailand and France are dog countries. The United Kingdom and Ireland are sheep countries. Morocco is cat country.

Morocco has a sizeable population of stray cats. You’ll see them laying in doorways, lurking around the souks, and cuddled together in the corner of the alleys. Moroccans do their best to leave out scraps of food and water for the street strays. I was not blind to the fact that many of the felines are sick or injured. It’s because neutering animals is not part of the culture, and this results in overpopulation. Nevertheless, I was inspired the cats allow you to be near them. After a 13-day trip to Morocco, here are some of my favorite photos of cats in Morocco:

Fes Cats
Sunning in Fes

Marrakech Medina Cat
The Medina of Marrakech

Lunchtime at Les Pattes de Singe Restaurant

Souk Cat
In the Souks of Marrakech

Desert Cat
Desert Cat

Cat at Few Tannery in Morocco
Fes Tannery Cat

Blue Cat
Chefchaouen Cat


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